Honest Model

Honesty Really is the Best Policy!

These days beating the competition, increasing profits and securing new business are the central focus of many organizations. Honesty and transparency rarely make the priority list. Instead lies, theft and deceit tend to hold the key to fame, fortune and power. These actions inevitably result in colossal penalties causing life-changing circumstances at times proving unbearable to face.

Mary Davids wanted to change that, so she developed the Honest Model™.

The Honest Model™consists of SIX LEVELS every organization must reach to secure a sustainable and profitable business.

Mary believes mastering these SIX LEVELS are more likely to create healthy, loyal and committed relationships between businesses and their employees leading to lasting success and organizational sustainability.

Level 1:

Honesty. Honesty lays the foundation for developing authentic relationships. Honest communication forms deeper personal connections resulting in trustworthy relationships. Authentic interactions build trust, thereby motivating employees to reinforce the company mission and vision.

Level 2:

Trust. Once honest actions are displayed, trust is developed. Trust creates a level of certainty and expectancy of future events based on previous actions, activities and agreements. Without developing a mutual level of trust, a loyal relationship will not be produced.

Level 3:

Loyalty. An employee who trusts their employer is loyal. Loyal workers are likely to make personal sacrifices for what they consider to be value. Loyalty inspires employees to commit and become more productive in the workplace. A loyal worker is devoted and unmoved by uncertainty; continuously delivering work.

Level 4:

Commitment. Committed employees give their time in trust; displaying loyal behaviors. Committed employees are psychologically attached to the organization and consistent in their normal functioning. These workers have developed an emotional connection in the workplace leading to employee engagement.

Level 5:

Engagement. Engaged workers are immersed in their work physically, emotionally and cognitively. They are passionate, committed and personally invested in its outcome. Engaged workers are driven by a sense of purpose stemming from their authentic relationships developed within the work environment.

Level 6:

Productivity. Engaged employees drive productivity within the workplace. Productive employees are devoted and committed, often accomplishing more than others within a certain time-frame. These workers consistently deliver quality work, fully consuming the amount of time and effort they spend meeting demands; thus generating higher returns.

Ultimately an organization must establish and secure loyal relationships with employees beginning with honesty and trust before employees will become committed, engaged and productive.

To find out more about the Honest Model™ and how it can HELP YOUR BUSINESS Contact Us today.

Don’t put YOUR BUSINESS at RISK due to unengaged or unproductive employees.

You must consider the bottom line, but make it integrity before profits.-Denis Waitley


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