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Monthly Book Pick!

This month I picked Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last [Kindle Edition]. Simon Sinek is also the author of global bestseller Start With Why. In this book, Sinek describes workplaces full of cynicism, paranoia and self-interest and how Leaders are able to gain employee loyalty in … Continue reading

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Unemployed? Here’s what you should be doing in the Meantime

Yes, we know the job market is difficult these days, but believe it or not, people are actually getting hired; they’re just not hiring you. Why? Well employers want skilled workers – currently skilled. So how is it possible to … Continue reading

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Six Reasons Why Your Two Week Notice is Important

Yes, I know you are fed up with your workplace. You are tired and can’t take it anymore. Your mood changes for the worst when you step foot in the door and you can’t stand the sight of your co-workers … Continue reading

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