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Is the Objective Statement Dead? by Rich Grant

I found this to be a great read. What do you guys think about objective statements? Is the Objective Statement Dead? By Rich Grant Early in my career, my resume had an objective statement, “seeking a financial-related career with a … Continue reading

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Are you Filtering Out Good Talent?

Instead of reviewing resumes personally, we’ve evolved to allowing the super-computer robots and machines to tell us whether someone is a good fit or not. Now if someone so happens to get through the electronic garbage disposal having their resume … Continue reading

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April’s Book Pick

Monthly Book Pick! This month I  picked Marcus Buckingham’s First Break All the Rules [Kindle Edition]. This book is a summary of Gallup’s studies accumulated in the mid to late 1990. Gallup’s research produced twelve simple questions that distinguish the strongest departments of a company … Continue reading

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It’s OKAY to Walk Away!

Recently a dear friend of mine decided to go job hunting. She posted her résumé on a few job sites, the calls roll in and before you know it, its interview time! One particular employer required my friend jump through … Continue reading

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